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Chair Collection

Chair Rentals in Upstate NY and the Finger Lakes Region

When people think of chair rentals in Upstate NY and the Finger Lakes they often have the picture in their head of large stacks of metal folding chairs that are lined up in even rows, whether in large gyms or business meeting rooms or hotel conference centers. What they don’t picture are beautiful chairs with a style all their own that will look just as comfortable at a wedding as at a summer picnic. But that’s what we have.

When we buy our chairs, the ability to cram the most possible into the back of a truck isn’t our chief concern: our chief concern is whether or not the chairs will look good at your upstate New York party chair event, be it a fashion runway or a mitzvah or a press conference.

Take our Chiavari Chair Collection: these rental chairs are either wood or resin, and they have the architectural details to look good in the backyard at a Syracuse party or at a Skaneateles reception. What they don’t look like is something mass produced and yanked out of the back of a truck. When you’re putting on an event you want everything to be perfect, from the flowers to the tablecloths to the chairs--and the rental chairs in the Hamptons are our job. It’s what we do--we make your event look the best it can be with a variety of styles and materials.

If you want folding chairs--if that’s what your gathering calls for--we have folding chairs. We have nine varieties of folding chairs to match any decor. But most of our customers are looking for something a little more upscale, and that’s something we can do. Whether you’re looking for rental chairs for Binghamton, rental chairs in Syracuse or Ithaca, or heading up to Rochester for something more remote, we have the rental chairs that will make your event spectacular. Chairs are ubiquitous--they’re everywhere you look at a party--and do you want every glance to show that you threw a bu-par party, or do you want the chairs to fit seamlessly into the party, just one of many high-end details?

How many chair rental places have an entire selection devoted to chairs in childrens’ sizes? And, again, not just one chair for children, but six, including high chairs and bar stools. The answer is none: only we have the chairs to make your little ones feel just as at-home as their adult counterparts.

Speaking of bar stools, we have a selection of nine to choose from. If you want to put on an event with bar stools, we can accommodate. It’s our job to accommodate. It’s our pleasure to accommodate. Whether it’s a backless stool, or a Chiavari stool, or a Sonoma stool, we have multiple colors and designs.

That’s what it all comes down to: choice. We want to give you as much choice as possible to make your event the best it can be, whether it’s in the finger lakes, Syracuse or anywhere else in the Finger lakes region.

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