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5 Rules for Central New York Wedding Tent Rentals

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

So, you’re planning an outdoor CNY wedding or event.

You have a beautiful view, and you can’t wait to welcome your guests into your outdoor oasis.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you plan, you can never know what mother nature has in store for you. Inclement weather can put a real damper on your outdoor event if you don't plan properly--but with wedding tent rentals, neither rain nor snow can get in the way of your celebration.

But much like renting anything for your event, wedding tent rentals can be challenging. You need to decide on color, size, and shape, among many other considerations.

To reduce stress around wedding tent rentals, we break down the 5 rules for tent rentals in the Syracuse NY area.

Pick a Tent Rental Type

Depending on your event, you're going to have to pick a tent that aligns with your needs. Typically, there are three types of tents to choose from.

Pole Tent

This versatile tent can be set up in grass or asphalt and is very aesthetically pleasing. With peaks and turrets, this is a tent that is commonly used at weddings.

Frame Tent

Much like their name suggests, frame tents are set up on free-standing frames. Unlike pole tents, these do not stake into the ground and therefore can be set up on concrete.

Clear span Tent

These aluminum-framed tents use tracks to hold their walls in place. Much like frame tents, these tents have frames and can be set up on any surface.

Regardless of what kind of wedding tent rentals you need, choosing from the above three types is a great way to start your rental process and get you one more step closer toward the big event.

Determine the Right Size

The size of your tent will be based on two things: area size and guest count.

By determining how much of the available area you want to take up with your tent, you can see how different sizes will look at the location. You also must be cognizant of the number of guests you’ll have to fit into that tent.

Consider Flooring

While we can all hope for perfect weather, if there is any chance of ground moisture, you’re going to want to consider flooring. Additionally, if you’re planning on dancing of any kind, a dance floor should top your to-rent list.

Reserve Early

You want your event to be perfect. To ensure your wedding tent rentals experience is painless, be sure to reserve your tent as early as possible.

Consider Temperature

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time talking about weather in this blog post--and we’re about to bring it up once more.

If you’re looking for tent rentals in Central NY in August, consider air conditioning or fans--your guests will thank you for it.

Conversely, if you’re planning an event in winter, you may want to consider adding space heaters to your list.

While these five rules are a great starting point for your wedding tent rentals conversation, talking one-on-one with professionals can help make your tent dreams a reality.

At Finger Lakes Event Rentals we know everything about tent rentals in Central New York. With years of experience and an unparalleled inventory of wedding tent rentals, we’re standing by to guide you to your perfect tent today.

To learn more about our tent options, click here.

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