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Your Go-To Guide for Party Rentals: 5 Must-Have Items

Let’s face it: Planning any sort of party can be challenging. Things get even more complicated when you need to rent additional items to make sure you have all of your boxes checked for a beautiful, flawless event.

If you have a party looming on your calendar, it’s time to start considering which party rentals are must haves for your events.

Do you need chairs and tables? A tent? How about wine, beer, and water glasses? Will you need silverware?

And those are just a few of many, many considerations you’re going to have to take into account as you begin to do the actual party planning.

And, truth be told, the process can seem totally overwhelming for both frequent and first-time hosts alike.

To help reduce some of the associated stress, we’ve highlighted the five party rentals that you’re going to want to add to the top of your list.

Read on to learn more about the items you can’t host without.

Tables & Chairs

Whether you’re hosting a wedding or a high school reunion, you’re going to want to have tables. And tables can mean many different things for different events. Perhaps your guests would appreciate cocktail tables versus a traditional banquet style.

As you envision your event in practice, keep your goals and guests in mind. Choice of tables and chairs party rentals should correspond directly to the behavior you expect from your guests.


Since you’ve settled on what kinds of tables will be appropriate for your event, now it’s time to decide how you want to dress them. From napkin shade to print to material, you have a lot of aesthetic choices ahead of you when it comes to linens. As you select your party rentals for table dressing, be sure to keep the general tone of the event in mind and match your selection accordingly.


When it comes to lighting, you once again have a slew of aesthetic options to choose from. From lanterns to string lights, there are endless choices for making sure your event glows. Much like with the linens, be sure that your lighting choice matches the tone of the event. If you’re hosting a charity donor event, you probably want to steer clear of the more whimsical choices that would be better suited at a wedding.

Flatware & Silverware

In addition to the trying decision of what your guests will eat, you’re going to have to also decide how they’ll be eating. If you’re only offering hand held appetizers, you can nix the silverware. If you’re doing a full sit-down dinner, you’re going to want to have the full array of salad, dinner, and dessert forks and their corresponding spoons and knives. Once again, your choices here should reflect the other elements that make up your party.

Surprise Element

Parties are meant to be fun! As you make your list of must-have party rentals, consider adding in a wildcard rental item that can spice up your event and keep the good times rolling. At Finger Lakes Event Rentals, we offer everything from basketball hoops and balls to cotton candy machines.

As you start to hone in on the details of each of the above categories and are wondering ‘where is the best party rental near me?’, look no further than Finger Lakes Event Rentals.

With years of experience and showrooms full of options, we’re ready to meet and exceed your party rental needs.

Click here to learn more about our unique party rentals today.

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