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4 Event Rental Tips: Table Rentals in Upstate New York

If you’re planning to have an unforgettable event, you’ve got to spread your focus across every element of your party. Renting the right tables can make a huge difference in making sure the tone is properly set. Here in this blog, we will walk you through the ins and outs of event rental companies in (Finger Lakes) Upstate, New York and how they can help you build your dream event.

1. Get Quotes from Multiple Companies

Before you barge right into an event planning firm to accept the first quote you’re given, reconsider this decision. There are many such party rentals in Central New York that provide you with something extra, but always consider the following points – quality, service, and price. Take no backseats when it comes to these three key features. Collect quotes from various party rentals so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality service for your budget.

2. Consider the Venue Size and Number of Attending Guests

Before deciding how many tables you will be needing, you should check the guest list first. Note the following calculations before you proceed. A 6-foot round table can accommodate up to 11-12 people, whereas a 6-foot banquet table can seat between 7-8 people. Additionally, you will have to envisage more than just tables for seating guests. For example, you may need an extra table for the cake or for the gifts, or wait stations too.

3. Book Your Table Rentals in Advance

As the old but trusted adage goes, ‘The sooner, the better’. Begin planning as fast as possible and let the event planning team know. The typical timeframe, say, for a wedding is somewhere around 4 to 6 months. This window will give you enough time to chalk out the final guest list as well. Not just that, you can decide on the kind of tables and chairs you like best. Therefore, book your party rental tables way in advance.

4. Don't Forget Tablecloths

It’s all for naught if you miss out on a dollop of decoration and steer away from perfection. That dollop is added by the tablecloths, which are a necessary part of the celebration. White linens are considered the most commonly used ones. They deliver a whole new spectrum of creative vision and glitz to the party.

Say Hello to Finger Lakes Event Rentals

Finger Lakes Event Rentals is one of the biggest table rental companies in Upstate New York. Our eclectic range in our table and tablecloth collection will get your creative event-planning juices flowing. You will find a variety of square tables, cocktail tables, and round tables. We pride ourselves on superior quality and stellar customer service. Want to know more? Contact Us today and let us help you start planning an unforgettable event.

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