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Event Rental Tips: Chair Rentals

Looking for chair rentals in the Finger Lakes region? Got a big event coming up? A wedding, a party, a dance, a pop-up store, a runway exhibition? We have got chair rentals in Central New York perfect for whatever event you’re having, everything from the tried-and-true folding chairs to our more classic and iconic Chiavari chair collection and our Sonoma X Back Chairs.

Getting cheap chair rentals doesn’t mean that you have to settle for poor quality. Our chairs, children's’ chairs, and bar stools come at a cheap price and still manage to impress with their quality and elegance.

We know that the pandemic has seriously put a damper on many activities with large numbers of people in Upstate New York, but we’re aware of the regulations and we know how to set up chairs in the most social distanced and responsible fashion. To that point, we rent chairs to small events as well as large gatherings, and we make it possible for you to put on the best event possible. And we take cleanliness seriously. Masks and gloves are mandated for all employees at the warehouse, the delivery, and the operations team. If you come into our office to look at our showroom, you’ll find the same thing.

There’s something about a beautiful, sturdy and decorative chair that changes an event. Where some people try to spruce up aluminum folding chairs with cloth covers, we rent classy chairs that don’t need any sprucing up in anticipation of the big event. Why go to the trouble of trying to fix up a lousy chair when you can get a beautiful and event-appropriate chair for nearly the same money.

Rental party chairs in Syracuse, New York and rental party chairs in Central New York are easy as a phone call away. Browse our online catalog for the rental chair that is perfect for your New York event, book the event, and you’re done. The chairs will be delivered at the required time and soon the only worry you’ll have is whether to sit outspoken Uncle Morty across from thin-skinned cousin Jake. Upstate party rentals should be easy, and we make them easy.

And did we say they’re only a phone call away? Not even. Finger Lakes rental party chairs are available as easily as shopping at any online retailer. Select the style, the number, the color, and the time and place, and you can be reassured that your order will get to you when you need it, and how you need it.

And with our Finger Lakes and Central NY chair rentals, we don’t just show up with a truck and expect you to unload and set up your own event. Our delivery team is professional and respectful, safe and reliable. They’ll be on time--because we know there’s nothing worse when you’re planning an event than for someone not to show up when they’re supposed to. You’ve got enough to worry about with your Upstate party than to stress about chair delivery. Let us take that on our shoulders and you can worry about the food or the guests or the decorations.

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